About us

Mesagraph unlocks the value of social media to help organizations and individuals make faster, better decisions.

Mesagraph Social TV API provides consistent online conversations streams about TV Shows that are running on TV. It helps users to choose what they might be interested in watching, and allows them to enter the conversation, in real-time.

Mesagraph’s premier Web-based application, Meaningly® allows individuals and organizations to gain meaningful insights from Twitter for crisis mitigation, trend identification, CRM, product marketing and helps you stay on top of your interests.

Mesagraph Developer Program

The Mesagraph platform aggregates, filters and renders real-time streams.

Mesagraph Social TV API uses the Mesagraph platform to gather conversations happening in real-time on Twitter about TV shows. With our API, you can start building Social TV experiences now, right into your product.


Our Social TV API supports French, and is now available for 19 TNT channels in France.

How to start

Do the API tour, and click here to get started !